Mbappé’s decision does not change the roadmap of a Real Madrid that does not think about transfers

Real Madrid continues to operate as usual. The club has clearly laid out its ideas and strategy, as evident in their successful signing of Jude Bellingham, Kylian Mbappé had previously stated that he would not renew his contract, although the truth is uncertain, However, he has resumed playing, bringing joy to Luis Enrique after being excluded by Al Khelaifi, a decision that seemed illogical in the current football landscape for a player with a valid contract.

Kylian Mbappé, in training this week on his return to work with PSG_The source is the Spanish newspaper Marca

Mbappé’s Uncertain Future and Real Madrid’s Unwavering Stance

Mbappé continues to dominate the transfer market without any progress in changing teams, Although his contract renewal remains uncertain, Real Madrid has consistently maintained that signing the French striker this summer is an impossible task, Real Madrid has conveyed their unwillingness to negotiate with PSG or contribute financially to a club that lacks amiable relations, Furthermore, Mbappé retains his hefty price tag of 240 million euros, making it someone else’s deal from which Real Madrid has officially distanced itself.

Waiting for a Call for Help

awaited a call for help that never came. If the Frenchman had initiated it, we might be discussing a different scenario, However, Mbappé remains unlinked, and Real Madrid is not taking anything for granted.

Moving forward, the approach is to establish true independence from Mbappé, If a possibility arises in the upcoming months, they will attempt to pursue it, but only with a signed contract in place, In the meantime, the white leaders firmly believe that nothing significant will occur before September 1st (although this is a bold statement), neither with the PSG striker nor with any other footballer

haaland away

Mbappé’s and Haaland’s future has always been associated with Real Madrid in recent years, sometimes with solid rumors and sometimes with involvement from the media. The Valdebebas offices have always been clear about this, In fact, Haaland patiently waited for Real Madrid, but the focus in2022 shifted to bringing Mbappé to the Bernabeu, However, does Mbappé’s non-arrival mean that the doors are now open for Haaland for the next season? The actions taken by the Madrid organization will not solely depend on the arrival of either player, The Valdebebas staff believes that they can still thrive without the presence of Mbappé or Haaland, emphasizing that the club’s decisions are above personal interests, While they do appreciate the talents of these players, they are not keen on fueling unrealistic soap operas for finding solutions, If a suitable player becomes available from a logical economic standpoint, they will consider it, but Real Madrid will continue to exist without Mbappé and Haaland, In the meantime, the club is putting its focus on Endrick and other potential signings, who will join a young team with a promising present and future. The club’s interests supersedeall else.


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