Sergio Ramos Returns to the Starting Line-Up

José Luis Mendilibar has now become part of Sevilla’s history, His time at the club was significant, as there have been very few coaches who have left with a title in hand, In fact, out of the15 titles that Sevilla has accumulated, eleven of them were won in this century, Mendilibar had a unique approach, following a clear roadmap that became both the foundation of his success and the reason for his subsequent failure at Nervión, His philosophy focused on involving the entire team and avoiding any differentiation between players, However, this approach did not suit everyone, particularly Sergio Ramos, who did not handle some of Mendilibar’s substitutions well, Despite showing improvement in both physicality and performance in the past two weeks, Ramos has now returned to the starting lineup for the team.

Sergio Ramos

Sergio has a perfect knowledge of the locker room codes and he chooses not to voice his opinions publicly, He believes that he needs to prove himself on the field, Despite being involved in some unfortunate plays, he performed exceptionally well against Barcelona and PSV, However, he was benched for the league match against Rayo, the same day the Basque coach was expected to be fired. Sergio understands that he needs to accumulate more game time in order to excel, even though Mendilibar made it clear that he would continue to trust the defensive duo, Badé and Gudelj, who had helped the team win the Europa League in Budapest, This disagreement caused tension between Sergio and his previous coach, as Mendi believed that the team needed everyone’s contribution, not just one player’s

New opportunities and exciting challenges await Ramos at Sevilla

With his dismissal, the entire staff is presented with a new opportunity, Diego Alonso brings fresh ideas and promising opportunities for all the professionals at Sevilla, Sergio has already experienced how he was treated by veteran leaders in other teams, like the Uruguayan national team, He hopes to have their support and become a key player for Sevilla, He enjoys the challenging training sessions, characterized by maximum intensity and competitiveness, similar to Mendilibar’s style, Additionally, Real Madrid is on the horizon, a match that Sergio is determined to play in at all costs. His new coach is aware of this and is already preparing him for it, Sergio Ramos is his partner in any battle they may face, A new journey begins and Sergio is already at the fore front.


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