Desperate Pleas from Rubble: As Gaza Faces Airstrikes, A Woman Calls Out from Collapsed Home

In the midst of intensified Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, activists have shared heart-wrenching footage illustrating the extensive damage caused to infrastructures and residences. The rising number of casualties, including a significant proportion of women and children, continues to be a stark reflection of the crisis.

A woman calls for help from under the rubble in Gaza

One particular video that has gripped netizens captures a desperate plea from a woman trapped beneath the ruins of her demolished home in Gaza. Rescuers can be seen, and voices heard, trying to calm her while instructing her to place her hand under a flashlight to allow them visibility. “Keep your hand on the flashlight,” an unidentified man is heard advising, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. To lift her spirits, another rescuer assures her, “Don’t worry, stay strong… our people are working.”

Although the exact location and timing of the video’s capture remain uncertain, several neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip, including Al-Rimal and Jabalia refugee camp, have witnessed severe bombings in recent days.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, nearly half of the fatalities in the Gaza Strip are women and children. An official statement released on the ministry’s Telegram channel reported the distressing numbers: 447 children and 248 women, bringing the total Palestinian death toll to 1,448 since the onset of hostilities. This comprises 1,417 individuals in the Gaza Strip and 31 in the West Bank.

Key Details Statistics
Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza Ongoing
Video of Woman Trapped Captured amidst rubble
Children Fatalities 447
Women Fatalities 248
Total Palestinian Deaths 1,448
Deaths in Gaza Strip 1,417
Deaths in West Bank 31


Parallelly, Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital morgue is overflowing with the deceased. White bags stained with blood have been piling up outside the forensic medicine department and in trucks, awaiting burial.



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