U.S. House Mandates Sale of TikTok From Chinese Parent Company or Enforces Ban

The U.S. House of Representatives has recently approved a bill, heavily supported by both political aisles, that mandates the sale of the globally-renowned video-sharing app, TikTok, from its Chinese parent company or ultimately face an outright ban.

Bipartisan Support

In a display of rare unity, both Democrats and Republicans have shown an eagerness to demonstrate a tough stance on China. This legislation has received wide bipartisan support, reflecting the widespread backing for a measure that directly targets China during an election year.

The Legislative Process

The bill had been fast-tracked by Republican leaders through the House with limited debate, and it garnered a landslide victory with a vote of 352-65. This move accentuates the escalating tension between Beijing and Washington over control of critical technologies that bear significant implications on national security, freedom of speech, and the social media landscape.

The Impetus for the Action

Despite TikTok’s efforts to rally its 170 million U.S. users against the measure, the Biden administration is pushing for the lawmakers to understand the grave national security risks posed by the Chinese ownership of the platform to the United States.

“If the TikTok bill were to become law, it would likely deepen a cold war between the United States and China over the control of important technologies.”

Representative Mike Gallagher, the Wisconsin Republican who is among the lawmakers leading the bill.

Impact of the Bill

If this bill were to become law, it would invariably exacerbate the pseudo-cold war between the United States and China over the control of crucial technologies. This standoff would be emblematic of the ongoing power struggle between these two global superpowers in the realm of technology.

In the Event of a Sale

In the event of a forced sale, the potential ramifications are twofold. One, it could profoundly impact the structure of the social media industry, potentially fragmenting the global digital landscape further. Two, it could set a precedent for other governments to impose similar controls on foreign-owned technology companies.

If the TikTok bill were to become law, it would likely deepen a cold war between the United States and China over the control of important technologies.

In the Event of a Ban

If, contrarily, TikTok faces a ban, it would be a significant blow to the platform’s vast U.S. user base, who use the app for a multitude of reasons: entertainment, information, and even livelihoods. A ban would also likely trigger reciprocal actions from China, escalating the tech cold war.


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