YouTube’s Smart TV Ad Strategy Update: Enhancing Viewer Experience and Ad Efficiency

Google has announced a fundamental change in how ads are displayed on YouTube for smart TVs, these changes, based on viewer feedback, aim to enhance the streaming experience, as a survey indicated that users prefer ads grouped together rather than interspersed throughout the video.

Revamp in Timing and Presentation of Ads

The main changes include reducing the number of ad breaks but extending their duration, with the option to skip the ad after one minute, this approach replaces the previous model, which allowed skipping ads after only 5 to 10 seconds.

Displaying Remaining Time Instead of Number of Ads

Users will also notice a change in how ads are displayed, with the remaining time for the ad break being shown instead of the number of ads, Google stated this change was implemented in response to viewer preferences.

Ads Between “Shorts” Videos on Smart TVs

YouTube will also start displaying ads between “Shorts” videos on smart TVs, extending from mobile devices and the web, these ads can be skipped using a remote control, this update follows a 100% increase in Shorts viewership on smart TVs this year.

Boosting Ad Revenues and Tightening Ad-Blocking Restrictions

These changes are part of Google’s efforts to increase ad revenues by tightening restrictions on ad-blocking tools, the strategy aims to encourage users to watch ads or subscribe to YouTube Premium, which offers additional benefits like removing all ads.


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