Sony Unveils InZone Buds, Game-Focused Wireless Earbuds

Sony has introduced InZone Buds, the company’s first wireless earbuds designed specifically for gaming, the earbuds are engineered to improve battery life, offering up to 12 hours of continuous usage while delivering minimal audio latency.

InZone Buds are compatible with various devices, including PS5, computers, and mobile devices.

They connect through a USB-C dongle included with the earbuds, reducing the latency to under 30 milliseconds in most cases.

Additionally, InZone Buds support Bluetooth LE Audio, which can be particularly useful for users with flagship Android phones.

Sony is emphasizing the 360 Spatial Sound capabilities of these new earbuds, although experiencing the full immersive effect requires a software setup involving a few steps.

The Sound Field Optimization feature creates a personalized audio profile by taking images of the user’s ears using the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer smartphone app.

InZone Buds support custom tuning of ear canal resonance by playing test sounds and utilizing feedback microphones to measure sound cavity filling.

The sound is then processed through the InZone Hub PC software based on the audio analysis. Further customization can be performed to fine-tune the personal spatial listening experience.

Sony has designed InZone Buds for comfort during long gaming sessions, shaping them in a way that exerts minimal pressure on your ears when worn.

The earbuds come with four sets of silicone ear tips, using the same Dynamic Driver X sound architecture as the WF-1000X earbuds.

InZone Buds can be used for music and other non-gaming entertainment, even though they are not specifically tuned for it. In both cases, you benefit from active noise cancellation and ambient sound modes for situations where you might want to use either.

Sony’s PlayStation division is also nearing the launch of the Pulse Explore earbuds, promising lossless audio and a new PlayStation Link protocol that enables low-latency pairing with PS5 and PlayStation Portal.

Feature Description
Gaming-Focused Design Specially designed for enhancing the gaming experience, with reduced latency and improved battery life.
Multi-Device Compatibility Compatible with a variety of devices such as PS5, PCs, and mobile devices, offering a USB-C dongle that reduces access time to under 30 milliseconds.
Bluetooth LE Audio Technology Supports Bluetooth LE Audio technology to improve audio quality on smartphones.
360 Spatial Sound Enables a 360-degree spatial sound experience, which requires some steps and the use of the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer smartphone app.
Sound Profile Customization Allows customization of sound profiles for the ear canal by using feedback microphones and the InZone Hub PC software to fine-tune spatial sound.
Comfortable for Extended Use Comfortable design for prolonged gaming sessions, with four sets of silicone ear tips.
Active Noise Cancellation and Surround Sound Modes Provides active noise cancellation and surround sound modes for times when you need to use either of them.



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