Samsung Introduces Voice Cloning Feature for Personal Assistant Bixby

Samsung has launched a feature that allows users to clone their voices in its personal voice assistant, “Bixby,” this new feature enables users to create personalized voices in Bixby, which the personal assistant can imitate and use to respond to their questions in their own voices.

Samsung has introduced the Voice Creator feature in Bixby Voice Creator for its smartphones and Galaxy tablet series.

Samsung is gradually rolling out this new feature, and it might take some time to reach all users.

To set up the voice cloning feature in Bixby, users can go to the personal assistant settings, choose “Language and voice style,” then press the “Create Custom Voice” option at the bottom of the screen, the device will then download some additional components from the Galaxy store, after installing the components and pressing the “Start” button, the device will prompt the user to speak ten different sentences that appear on the screen with a clear voice, after finishing, the custom voice can be named and set as the default voice for the voice assistant from the “Language and voice style” option in Bixby settings.

Samsung relies on artificial intelligence technologies to generate a synthetic voice resembling the user’s original voice, it’s worth noting that this feature does not currently support the Arabic language.

The Bixby assistant uses the cloned voice of the user to respond to various queries directed at it, and it is also integrated into the Bixby Text Call feature, which converts voice calls into text conversations that can be read and responded to with written text, the personal assistant then converts the text back into voice for the other party.


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