Motorola Unveils Cutting-Edge Concepts at Lenovo Tech World ’23

Motorola, a subsidiary of Lenovo since 2014, showcased some intriguing concepts at Lenovo Tech World ’23, the smartphone manufacturer revealed an early model of an adaptable screen that can be integrated into a phone, a holder, or a smartwatch, this screen appears to be an advanced version of the initial model introduced by Lenovo in 2016.

The company highlighted several innovative features driven by artificial intelligence for Lenovo devices.

The adaptable screen acts as a foldable smartphone with a pOLED display boasting a resolution of 2220×1080 pixels, the company stated in an announcement, “The early model can be folded and reshaped into various forms to cater to users’ needs.”

The device can lie completely flat for conventional smartphone usage, partially fold for desktop placement, similar to foldable phones, and can even be partially wrapped around your wrist, resembling a smartwatch.

The conceptual early model features a 6.9-inch display, delivering a complete Android experience like any other smartphone, it transforms into a mini-phone with a 4.6-inch screen when in an upright position.

Transitioning future concepts into consumer products can be challenging, but Lenovo has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to turning experimental ideas into consumer products.

Motorola also introduced several AI-driven concepts, harnessing generative artificial intelligence to provide users with unique background options.

The company explained, “Users can upload or capture images of their clothing to produce various AI-generated, one-of-a-kind images reflecting their style.” Afterward, you can transform these AI-generated images into customized backgrounds for your device.

A video shared by the company shows a person taking a personal picture of their outfit, which the software then transforms into a variety of background choices for the curved phone.

Additionally, the company announced the development of a personal voice and text assistant for computers and smartphones, relying on extensive language models, this assistant, named MotoAI, can answer questions, compose messages, schedule tasks, and more. MotoAI prioritizes privacy, processes data locally, and becomes increasingly useful over time as it learns more about the user.

Motorola also addressed the issue of document scanning by promoting a feature that can reduce wrinkles and shadows when scanning images or documents using the phone’s camera.

The company explained, “This innovation aims to enhance image quality by minimizing wrinkles and shadows to ensure that documents or images appear as clear and pristine as possible.”

Feature Description
Adaptable Screen
  • An adaptable screen model that can be integrated into smartphones, smartwatches, and more.
  • It offers pOLED precision with a resolution of 2220×1080 pixels.
  • It can be folded and shaped differently according to the user’s needs, providing a full Android experience.
Innovative Design
  • The device can lie flat to be used as a regular smartphone or can be partially folded to function as a mini-phone.
  • It can also be wrapped around the wrist like a smartwatch.
Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Motorola leverages technology and artificial intelligence to develop unique experiences, this artificial intelligence allows users to upload clothing images and generate them uniquely.
Personal Voice and Text Assistant
  • Motorola is developing a personal voice and text assistant called MotoAI that can answer questions, compose messages, and schedule tasks.
  • It prioritizes privacy and operates locally.
Enhancing Document Scanning Quality
  • Developing a feature that reduces wrinkles and shadows when scanning images or documents using the phone’s camera to improve image quality.



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