Pochettino expects Kepa’s departure from Chelsea to Real Madrid: It all happened very quickly

Chelsea coach Mauricio Pochettino recently addressed the absence of Kepa Arrizabalaga from his team’s squad to face Liverpool, This comes ahead of the goalkeeper’s expected loan move to Real Madrid as a replacement for the injured Thibaut Courtois, Pochettino stated, “Everything unfolded rapidly, We are handling the situation appropriately, We have granted Kepa permission to explore other options, and within the next 24-48 hours, we will see how things develop.

Poch doesn’t expect to have the Spaniard working under him

Jose Felix Diaz has reported that Kepa has changed his mind about moving to Bayern Munich and will instead go on loan to Real Madrid, without a compulsory purchase clause.

Jan-Christian Dreesen: Bayern Munich Comes Close to a Deal with Kepa, But He Chooses to Join Real Madrid

During the presentation of Harry Kane, Jan-Christian Dreesen, CEO of Bayern Munich, confirmed that the club had been on the verge of reaching an agreement to bring Kepa onboard, However, Kepa ultimately chose to sign with Real Madrid, Dreesen stated that Kepa’s Spanish nationality played a role in his decision to accept Real Madrid’s offer.


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