The deal is done.. Luis Enrique announces Dembélé move to PSG and attacks Mbappe and Neymar

Confirmed Luis Enrique coach Paris Saint-Germain, that the confrontation that brings his team against Lorient tomorrow in the first round of the French league is very difficult.

Enrique said in remarks at the press conference for the match: “We have analyzed all the teams, starting with Lorient, we want to be stationed in the opponent’s area and avoid rebounds that are famous exploitation here in France and also in England, we want to present our ball, but there is also an opponent.

Enrique added: “We don’t want to go to the Lorient game with enthusiasm, we just want to go to face them with balance, we also have to play with balance, I want to see the team play 90 minutes, have fun for the fans, and see the team put on high pressure from the start.”

The PSG coach continued: “I know it will be difficult but I have confidence in the team, I usually do not say who will play but tomorrow I will announce to the players the squad, and Arn Emery is a player I love, and I think he is one of the best young players in France and we are looking at the mercato to strengthen the team and also take care of the youth of the club.”


Enrique: Mbappe and Neymar? PSG above everything

Regarding Mbappe, Enrique said: “It’s something that happened in the past and they got a positive solution before I arrived, I hope for a positive solution again.” I remind you of the philosophy of the club, the club above all, regarding Neymar and Verratti I will keep what I told them and what they told me, I invite you to see my actions.

The Paris Saint-Germain coach added: “Until today we are working to strengthen the team in El Mercato we are attentive in El Mercato to all positions, El Mercato is difficult but difficult for everyone and we accept that, I think we are the best team in France and we will try to win all possible trophies.

Luis Enrique announces Dembele will join Paris Saint-Germain

Luis Enrique continued: “Ousmane Dembele is not a 100% player at Paris Saint-Germain, unfortunately he is 99.9% Parisian, but he will not be available tomorrow.

Barcelona plan to sell Ousmane Dembele in the winter mercato

Spanish press reports claimed that Barcelona plans to sell its French star Ousmane Dembélé, despite renewing his contract during the current summer for two years, to continue with the team until 2024.

The newspaper “ARA”: Barcelona may sell Ousmane Dembele during the month of January, in the event of the arrival of an attractive offer from one of the sponsoring clubs to obtain his services.

The newspaper added that the management of Barça sees in the French star another financial leverage may be used by the end of his financial crisis, so he will sell it whether he reached an offer in the next winter Mercato, or wait until next summer.


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