[XAU/SAR] Gold Prices Experience a Notable Dip in Saudi Arabia Amid U.S. Federal Reserve’s Indications on Interest Rate Hikes, September 21, 2023

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – September 21, 2023 In a recent development that caught market observers’ attention, gold prices in Saudi Arabia have shown a downward trajectory. This comes in the wake of signals from the U.S. Federal Reserve concerning potential hikes in interest rates.


Gold Price Metrics: A Closer Look

To provide a more detailed view, here’s an table for the latest gold prices in Saudi Arabia:

Type of Gold Price in Saudi Riyal Price in USD
24 Karat Gold 231.99 SAR 61.85 USD
21 Karat Gold 203.00 SAR 54.12 USD
18 Karat Gold 173.99 SAR 46.38 USD
Gold Ounce 7,215 SAR 1,923 USD


This downturn in gold prices could have significant implications, not only for Saudi Arabia but also for the global economy. As the U.S. Federal Reserve signals a likely interest rate increase, investment strategies worldwide may have to pivot. The price of gold often serves as a bellwether for financial stability, and such fluctuations are keenly observed by traders, economists, and policy-makers alike.


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